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Neotame - providing customers with better tasting, healthier food and beverage choices.

Neotame represents the culmination of over 20 years of research and development efforts to provide consumers with better tasting, healthier food and beverage choices. Neotame's greater flexibility and value for food and beverage companies combined with its great taste makes for a winning combination in bringing new product innovations to market. For additional information about neotame, feel free to contact us.

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Literature for Consumers and Healthcare Professionals

Neotame Fact Sheet
  A quick reference tool for neotame approval and properties.
Neotame Scientific Overview Brochure
  A scientific guide to neotame approval, structure, metabolism and its functionality in foods and beverages.
Neotame Ingredient Overview
  In-depth profile of neotame, including nutritional and health aspects and the taste advantage.
Neotame Stability Overview
  Details neotame stability with regards to temperature, moisture and its usage in many applications including: carbonated soft drinks and ready-to-drink beverages, powdered soft drinks, baking goods, dairy and chewing gum.
Neotame and Flavor Enhancement
  Details neotame's flavor enhancement properties in many applications including gum and powdered soft drinks.
Neotame Powder
  Overview of features, suggested usage, physical description and recommended storage.
Neotame Sweetener Blend Matrix
  Provides recommendations for sugar replacement with neotame in many applications.
Neotame - Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)  
NutraSweet Ingredient Terms and Conditions